Day 26 : Children born out of a Matrimonial Home

I am an illegitimate child

My mother gave birth to me 26 years ago in her village down in Chegutu. When I was 18, she sat me down over my birthday cake and told me her story

She was 19. Dating a guy from her village. Whenever she had to go to the woods to pick firewood for supper, she would go out to the furthest near the river where her boyfriend will be out leading his cattle to water. They would meet under the shade of a tree, talk and plan about moving to the big city, getting married and having children. Somewhere along the line, she fell for the sparkle and I was created. She hid me as long as she could, got sent to her aunt’s house got noticeable. She gave birth at home. I was a disturbance, an embarrassment to the family. If my mother had given birth to me at a hospital, me a bastard ,her father would have never been able to live down the shame.

Once she was okay to move, she left for the city. Her friend took her in. Three months, she went to typing lessons, got qualified, got a job and moved out on her own snd started our life. She never talked much about that life but I know it must have been hard to take care of herself and I.

It seems the answer i wanted my whole life was here at my finger tips. My father never wanted me, he refused the pregnancy. To this day, she she has never talked to him. My grandfather died knowing nothing about me, my grandmother only started talking to my mother after his death. I know very few of my maternal relatives, my friends are my family. I’m very bitter towards the sperm donor, I will never track him down. May he perish In hell.



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